Automate file-transfer to your computer

AutoUpload is one of series automation apps that intend to automate routine tasks that people or businesses perform daily. Try It Now!Or click right to purchase

Delevoped for Automation

AutoUpload automatically upload files from your device to your computer or server without user intervention after initial setup. You designate a source folder on your device, and a destination folder on your home computer or company server. Whenever new files arrive in the source folder, AutoUpload transfers them immediately to the remote computer folder.

AutoUpload was developed for business to automatically transfer files from field to company servers, but it is perfectly fine for consumers to automatically upload files to their home computers.

The key word here is automation. Automation means that once initial easy setup is done, you can just leave the app alone, files will magically appears in your server or computer. The picture or video you just shot by using your device would instantly appear in your computer (local source folder is setup to your device's camera folder). The music you just downloaded on your phone would immediately appear in your iTune library of your home computer (local source folder is setup to your device's download folder, remote destination folder is setup to iTune library folder in your computer)

AutoUpload is especially suitable for uploading extremely large files. The default network protocol SSH ensures files delivered in a secure and reliable way.